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Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted begins in a week.Naturally, as the current season wraps up, players are becoming more curious about what Season 14 will contain, especially as theories and questions overtake social media in response to some shocking leak This seems somewhat accurate.

There’s not a lot of info on the upcoming season right now, but between a series of leaks posted to the /r/ApexUncovered subreddit, some hidden hints from Respawn, and various Season 14 trailers, we’ve managed to piece together some images in Together. Read on for everything we know about coming to Apex Legends with the release of Season 14: Hunted.

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When does season 14 start?

Season 14 launches on August 9 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET, with official patch notes likely to be released shortly thereafter and finally revealing the accuracy of the recent leak.

New Ranged Weapon Legend, Vantage

The new Legendary for Season 14 was recently confirmed to be Vantage, a sniper-focused Legend whose appearance and abilities were leaked in March along with eight other upcoming Legends. Respawn shared some details about her character (and her tendency to break the rules), and her abilities have now been confirmed.

Vantage is a skilled long-range marksman with a passion for sniper rifles.
Vantage is a skilled long-range marksman with a passion for sniper rifles.

We also know something about Vantage as a person. Her full name is Xiomara Contrares, and she was born Xenia Contrares, an escaped convict who was a passenger on a Gaia detention ship that was most likely heading to the prison facility. For unknown reasons, it crashed on the icy, abandoned planet of Pagos, leaving a pregnant Xenia as the only survivor of the crash. The ship’s name – GDS Vantage – is the source of the Xiomara callsign. Deciding to explore the wreckage of the ship against her mother’s wishes, Xiomara discovers that almost everything her mother told her about the world and her family’s past was a lie. After narrowly escaping the ship’s vicious security system, Xiomara’s mother activated her personal distress beacon, causing Vantage and her mother to be taken away by authorities. Xenia was jailed — interestingly, that’s the same prison Mad Maggie spent between games — and Vantage joined Apex Games to bring attention to her mother’s legal woes.

Resurrection of Skulltown

Kings Canyon is getting a complete makeover this season, and the Season 14 map update page on EA’s official Apex Legends website states: “Time changes everything, and Kings Canyon does not. What will rise from the ashes of the past?” until the trailer was released that day, after which it became blog post Details all the changes Season 14 will bring to Kings Canyon.

These changes include the popular POI known as Skulltown, which is literally rising from the grave. Since Loba blew it off the map in Season 5, players have been lamenting the loss of Skulltown, especially since its devastation was far less of an impact on Kings Canyon. The area has been under construction since Loba destroyed it, with a huge animal skull (probably a Leviathan) hanging from a crane, and small buildings as replacements for the erased parts of the map.

For nostalgic and strategic reasons, many players are happy to see POIs back, happy to see the map size expanded to give squads some breathing room. The location has also been given a new name: Relic. It remains to be seen whether the player base will adapt to the new name or continue to call it Skulltown.

But Skulltown isn’t the only POI to get attention in Season 14 — Cage, Hillside Outpost, and Broken Relay will also be revamped to prevent third-party participation, and Broken Relay will get a new name: Basin.

Another interesting detail related to the map is that Skulltown is repeatedly described as “rising from the ashes”. Numerous major lore-related discoveries have been made beneath Kings Canyon – from Singer’s lab to the Revenant Factory to Ashe himself – and repeated references to “ashes from the past” may suggest that some Ashe-related environmental lore may also be Appears in Kings Canyon this season.

wild cosmetics

A hunting or hunting-themed event appears to be in the works, as data miners do Discover a range of cosmetic products Reflects the wildlife theme. Cosmetics include character skins, weapon trinkets, and banner frames. These may be Battle Pass items, but the numbers are relatively small, so most players and data miners consider these items to be part of a limited-time event.

mobile crossover

Gun Game recently debuted as one of two new limited-time modes in Apex Legends Mobile. The mode requires players to work through a series of weapons, earning points as they kill other players. The team with the most points wins – but this can be bypassed by performing three melee kills, which will instantly win you the game.

Recent leaks suggest gun games and some form of capture the flag Heading to Apex Legends in Season 14. If a mobile-first game mode might be heading to consoles and PCs, then who’s to say the same can’t be said for mobile-first legends?

Level cap increased

This Apex Heroes Site Also confirms some information leaked earlier this season: Finally, the level cap is increasing. While the official website doesn’t mention how many levels will be added, the leak suggests the cap is being raised by 200 levels, for a total of 700 levels, rather than the current 500. This is good news for long-term players who have been sticking to level 500, as players will no longer receive Apex packs to level up once they reach the level cap.

Any reports based solely on leaked new features and gameplay changes should be taken with a grain of salt until verified, but it’s hard to deny that many of them will make for great additions to Apex Legends.Players have reacted to many leaks so far Optimisticallybut until Season 14’s gameplay is confirmed, you might just want to stick with your gun-playing skills in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.

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