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The next hero to join the Apex Legends roster is Vantage, a sniper with support abilities that should change the meta in a big way. She will be participating in the 14th season of Apex Games: Hunted.

Before the new season, we got a “Meet Vantage” Character Trailer This gives us a good idea of ​​how she plays. Vantage’s mother is actually telling the trailer as she shows off her abilities. These include a passive called Spotter’s Lens, which lets you aim a sight or scope to learn an enemy’s legendary name, shield level, team size, and distance from you. Vantage also has an adorable little bat companion named Echo, whose tactical abilities allow her to send Echo out and teleport to its location. Finally, her ultimate puts her own special sniper rifle in her hands. This deals 50 base damage and marks the target it hits; the target enemy then takes the sniper’s guaranteed 100 damage and increases the damage of Vantage teammates.

Almost everything we knew about the Vantage was leaked beforehand. Her presence, Season 14 inclusion, and even her abilities slipped away early, but at least official confirmation is a good thing. Following the leak, we also received a character trailer that gave us a brief introduction to who Vantage is from a story perspective. Her mother was also featured in the original video before telling the latest trailer.

Season 14 of Apex Legends is less than a week away from the release of Vantage’s character trailer: it kicks off on Tuesday, August 9th. In addition to adding Vantage himself, the new season will raise the game’s overall level cap and revive Skulltown Kings Canyon. We learned earlier that the Vantage wanted to hunt the Leviathan, a large animal that roams Kings Canyon, so re-adjusting the map was a good fit. Season 14: The Hunt will also bring the usual Battle Pass, as well as a healthy dose of new skins and other cosmetic items.

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