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There has been no word on AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU clock speeds since the company showed off a pre-production Zen 4 chip during its Computex keynote earlier this year. However, new reports of potential performance metrics are emerging as the release date of Red Team’s next-generation processors approaches.

leaker ECSM_Official, formerly known as Enthusiastic Citizen, has headed to Bilibili to share what appears to be AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU clock speeds. According to their sources, Zen 4 should be capped at 5.7GHz single-core performance, which means an 800MHz boost over the company’s current best gaming CPU.

While they don’t list specific processors by name, referring to the number of cores, since AMD itself accidentally leaked the names of the Ryzen models, we can draw some conclusions about which chips they’re referring to. So a “16C” (16-core) 5.7GHz processor might translate to the flagship AMD Ryzen 7950X.

Further down the list of clock speeds, the AMD Ryzen 7900X should be able to hit a maximum single-core clock speed of 5.6GHz, while the 7800X and 7600X lag behind at 5.4GHz and 5.3GHz, respectively.

If these claims are true, then these clock speeds, combined with a higher amount of cache, could give AMD Ryzen 7000 processors an edge over their 12th Gen Intel Core competition. Whether it’s enough to stop the upcoming Raptor Lake processors remains to be seen, but if something goes wrong, team red will likely be banking on the success of its RDNA 3 GPUs, as well as the Radeon 7000 cards coming later this year.

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