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August’s first two Gold games were a strange pairing of comedy action and furry felines, and they’re now available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

once Upon a time, Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft’s main subscription service. While Microsoft has largely turned to promoting Game Pass, Games with Gold for Xbox Live Gold is still a great way for Xbox owners to get four free games a month.

Four free games for August are Xbox 360 hits saint line 2Indie Simulation Game calicoroguelike platformer Scourgeand cooperative heist games Monaco: What’s yours is mine. It’s not too late to grab relicthe last game of the July Gold Game.

Game video of the day

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the first two games, saint line 2 and calico, is now available. Both Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers keep both games for free.Needless to say Xbox 360 Saints Row 2 is the AAA core of this month’s free gold games. Set in the fictional city of Stillwater, players will re-dress in the highly customizable shoes of the leader of the 3rd Street Saints. After waking up from a five-year coma, they must rebuild the Saints and take back the city from a colorful rival gang and the wealthy and powerful Ultor Corporation, who have their own plans for Stilwater’s future.

2008 action-adventure opening Saints Row Transitions from a serious crime story to a more overt comedy tone.While it didn’t reach the crazy heights reached by later games, it helped establish the franchise’s identity and differentiate it from the relatively more serious storylines Grand Theft Auto series.along with Saints Row With a reboot coming later this month, some gamers might enjoy revisiting this early segment. saint line 2 Normally $9.99, but Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can get it for free until August 15th.

Meanwhile, Whitethorn Games and Peachy Keen Games’ calico is a much smaller game that offers a very different experience. The adorable community sim takes players to a quaint village populated by magical girls and fantastical creatures. Their job is to reopen the town’s abandoned cat cafe, selling pastries and filling it with furniture, decorations and feline friends. Released in 2020, designed by developers calico It’s a lovely and relaxing simulation game for anyone interested in a more laid-back experience. calico It normally retails for $11.99, but it’s free for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers until August 31st.

Additionally, subscribers will be able to get the next two free games, Scourge and Monaco, starting August 15. Meanwhile, Xbox gamers can immerse themselves in cute cats and comedy crime.

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