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With each generation Pokemon, introduces brand new creatures, giving fans a whole new set of Pokemon to learn, capture and fight.Although most of the new Pokemon come from pokemon scarlet and violet Not yet revealed, a handful have been highly publicized, including the chubby Hog Pokemon pokemon scarlet and violet Fans decided to make clay figures of the new Pokemon to show their appreciation for Lechonk.

Although some important details have emerged pokemon scarlet and violet, The Pokemon Company and developer Game Freak have been lacking additional information in recent weeks.However, a new Pokemon Presents stream was announced this week featuring new pokemon scarlet and violet The news is confirmed to be revealed, although the exact nature of the news remains a mystery.

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Posted to the Pokemon subreddit, users of u/tapclay show off their impressive ninth generation clay art Pokemon Newcomer Leschunk. The entire clay sculpture is very small and fits perfectly in the creator’s palm, but it’s well-detailed. The body is the familiar dark grey, with pink nose and feet, and the signature yellow eyes. The ears, eyes and tail all look like 3D printed versions of the actual character model, and the incredibly smooth lines of the clay Lechonk sculpture give it a very polished and professional look.

In addition to the still photo gallery, u/tapclay also includes a video showing the impressive creative process.

Lechonk clay art is undoubtedly a hit with fans, with photos and videos getting hundreds of views and likes. Lechonk art is the latest in an increasingly long clay series pokemon scarlet and violet Artist’s sculpture. Earlier this year, the same person created the incredible Quaxly clay pokemon scarlet and violetThe first of its kind, the cute duck Pokemon is done in a similar professional fashion to Lechonk, looking more like a professionally made product than a fan-made handmade creation.

In addition to being made entirely of clay, Lechonk is also made entirely of yarn. On the same subreddit, one user posted their equally impressive crocheted version of Lechonk. While the materials are vastly different, both renditions capture the look of a Pokemon perfectly, and their fairly simple design makes them an easier reproducible Pokemon, no matter the medium.

Although for more information pokemon scarlet and violet To be revealed in the aforementioned Pokemon Presents, analyzing the meaning of Lechonk’s name may provide fans with some details the game hasn’t revealed yet.

pokemon scarlet and violet Launched on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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resource: Reddit – Tapclay

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