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Shulk was apparently “a little creepy” in Xenoblade Chronicles before its developer Monolith Soft made some changes. This issue is mostly related to a specific cutscene where the character touches Fiora’s cheek while she’s unconscious.

The news comes from a recently released video from the YouTube channel You Know the Game. Shook appeared to alarm writer Yuri Hattori, who immediately called for a remake of the cutscene.

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Executive Director Tetsuya Takahashi vividly remembers the feud with Hattori, noting that the writer was concerned that Shook touching the unconscious Fiora’s cheek to express his feelings for the character might be interpreted as creepy. The cutscene was modified so that Shook ended up touching her hand.

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Takahashi explained: “One of the issues that Hattori pointed out, I distinctly remember, involved a girl named Fiora, who was Shook’s childhood friend. There’s a scene where she’s asleep and you touch her hand. It was originally the scene where Shook touched her cheek to express his affection for her, but Hattori pointed out that suddenly touching her cheek while she was asleep could be interpreted as a little creepy.”

According to Takahashi, the decision to change the cutscenes was all about preserving “the innocence and innocence of the characters’ love.” Shook is actually known for his complete lack of ego or ego, being kind and honest and being a true hero.

The attention to detail as small as a cutscene reminds us that care and attention are so important when telling a powerful story. Players can interpret the slightest oversight in a variety of different ways, but not all of them are completely harmless.

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