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PlayStation Plus There is a plethora of games available in its three levels (Basic, Extra and Advanced). The huge library of PlayStation and third-party games can be confusing for some players. Fortunately, a useful website offers a new tool to sort through the vast collection of games in PS Plus.

With the introduction of new PS Plus tiers, the PS Plus game library has grown exponentially. PlayStation’s subscription service integrates with PlayStation Now’s cloud streaming service, while introducing a variety of classic PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable games to play on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Additionally, cloud streaming allows these classic games to be played via PC. As a result, PS Plus subscribers can try hundreds of games in a variety of ways, with more being added every month.

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To help navigate the game catalog, the Plat Price website offers a tool that sorts nearly 400 PS Plus Extra games into various categories. Users can sort these games by letter, review score, price, active discount, difficulty, completion time, and release date. Review scores used in Plat Price are aggregated via OpenCritic. In addition, platform prices show how much time is left for discounts on specific games. The site tracks overall price history for sale prices and PS Plus prices.

Plat Price provides descriptions for each game, which are identical to the descriptions on the PS Store. Additionally, users can add individual games to wishlists or list them in their library of personally owned games. Hidden options are also available if the user is not interested in the game. Plat Price has an Amazon link to each PlayStation game for those interested in buying the physical version.

Some PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of games on offer, but Plat Price offers a convenient solution via a web browser. The site is also very helpful for tracking prices and discounts, allowing users to determine the best price to buy a game. Completers and trophy hunters should have no problem finding their next potential game through Plat Price.

Using Plat Price as a good example, PlayStation can learn to improve its tools in the PS Store. More additions continue to support the PS Plus library every month, which can hurt the popularity of older games. In order to maintain an organized PS Store, PlayStation should consider improving its own categorization feature to encourage the discoverability of PS Plus games on PS4 and PS5.

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